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Don’t Let Anxiety, Stress and Depression Steal Your Joy

Build And Apply Healthy Self-Talk Habits In Just 21 Days With The Ultimate Positive Affirmations Journal And Claim The Life You Deserve.

You are What you Think

...and science has spoken. 80% of your thoughts are negative.


The way you think has the potential to cripple your physical and mental health. It can make your days harder and drain you
of your energy and motivation. It can crush your well-being.


Uncertainty and stress have become a theme in the past two years.


No wonder your head is full of doom and gloom.  If you’ve gotten up close and personal with negative thinking
patterns lately, you aren’t alone.


Struggling with a harsh inner critic, getting caught in a cycle of ruminating thoughts and/or wrestling with low self-esteem
isn’t something you should beat yourself up about.


But it’s not where you want to stay.


When you change the way you talk to yourself you change your world.

Getting your mindset right has to come before anything else

Negative thinking is simply an unhelpful habit.  


One that can be scrapped.


Reconditioning your limiting beliefs and reprogramming your subconscious mind isn’t easy. 


But learning to adopt the healthy habit of positive self-talk IS possible.   


Developing a strong mindset will give you the discipline you need to sustain and surpass your fitness, health and wellness goals.


Getting rid of the toxic thoughts and limiting beliefs that are holding you back requires you to:


Understand how to use positive phrases and statements

Challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone

Discover how to call forth your inner peace and self-love

Give yourself the space, freedom and focus to master your emotional wellness

Seek accountability to give you that extra push towards your goals


You have the strength within you - you just have to believe in it.

Some of the most important lessons are learned through adversity

When I tore my ACL in 2016 it was a turning point for me. 


I knew that if I was going to recover and return to my physical self, I would have to experience stillness in order to strengthen my mind. A mind that was previously weakened from childhood trauma and unexpectedly losing my eldest brother to suicide in 2007.


During this time I struggled with identity issues, I was already diagnosed and struggling with severe depression after losing my brother, I lacked hope, and self/body confidence. 


Despite this I stumbled into my strength with a mindset reset.


I created my own Personal Growth Program that changed my life. I was able to make the mindset shift that was necessary to get myself out of the mental well I had fallen into.  I began choosing my own path. My own direction.


I know from experience that getting your thoughts in order is the only way to build the life you desire.

Hey, hey...I'm Haeley.

Your Holistic Health Coach

As someone who used to struggle with self-love, depression, lack of self-control, and overall mental strength, I understand what you’re going through. Stepping outside your comfort zone is where growth happens. 


You are stronger than you think and you deserve to be truly happy - no matter what anyone else thinks.  Deep down there is a part of you that knows there is more to you than the current version of yourself. 

Statistics show it takes
21 days to build a habit

If you have struggled to end negative thinking in the past with no success, it was probably because you were using the wrong approach.


Utilizing positive affirmations is one of the five daily habits that my business, the MP Experience is built around.  It’s the reason I have been able to achieve the overwhelming success that I sought after and claimed.


I created I AM… What I Say I Am.  Your Words, Your Truth, a 21 day journal with you in mind. It is my wish to guide you through the steps to  build a healthy habit of positive self-talk.


My mission is to challenge you to take back your power.


If you’re ready for more abundance, joy and success in your life, this journal is your map.

What will you find inside these pages?

This spiral-bound journal includes:


  • 21 days of guided journal prompts to promote exploration of thought

  • Blank lined journal pages for general reflections, reminders and encouragement

  • Affirmations word bank to allow for creation of customized phrases

  • Gratitude section for increased positivity

  • Send & receive love section to give and accept love

  • Empowering quote of the day for daily inspiration

  • Various healthy habit reminders for a holistic experience

  • Group accountability to help you stay on track

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testimonial 1_edited.jpg

This is more than a journal
it's a transformation.

The strategies imbedded in this journal will help you build a positive self-talk habit that will: 


  • Improve your physical and mental health for a long and fulfilling life

  • Increase your ability to cope with stress and worry

  • Boost emotional resilience especially during tough times

  • Supercharge your energy and expand your mental optimism

  • Increase your confidence to reach your dreams and goals

  • Draw abundance and success into your life

  • Move you out of your comfort zone and into a life of possibilities

low cost
high rewards

Having a positive mindset increases your motivation and sets you up for success.


The exercises, inspiration, strategies and challenges of this journal are invaluable.


I created this book because I want you to follow in my footsteps and fulfill your dreams.


I want you to believe in yourself the way I do.

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how to get your journal

It's easy! Just click on the order button below, complete your purchase and voila! Your copy will be shipped out in 1-2 days. 


This journal is perfect for women of all ages. And makes an excellent gift too!  Empower your teen or pre-treen, mother, sister or daughter by giving them the tools to ignite their mental health and wellness.

i am... what i say i am

Strengthen your mindset in just 21 days with I Am… What I Say I Am.  My Words, My Truth.


When you talk to yourself, you’re always listening

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