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Explore The MPE Shop and start taking ownership and responsibility over your holistic health TODAY - for tomorrow is not promised.

  • A 4 Step Process For Intentional Growth 
  • A 30 Day Fitness Challenge 
  • A Power Sweet Salad Recipe
  • A 5 Step Method to Attaining Your Goals + A Goal Setting Exercise 
  • 8 Powerful Positive Affirmations
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  • 21-day challenge sheets + extra note pages 
  • Positive affirmations word bank
  • Positions thinking activity 
  • Gratitude for the day 
  • A section to send love so you can receive love 
  • Group accountability
This journal is perfect for women of all ages and especially for our teens and pre teens!
Available for purchase right now.
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By joining the 1-1 MPE Healthy Habits Challenge, you will be doing your daily check-ins with me, Coach Haeley, directly via email or Imessage/Whatsapp and then over the course of the challenge you will receive 3 Guest Speaker Videos. In this challenge, I am also offering 3 workshops to match our weekly themes :

  • week 1 - Identity workshop

  • week 2 - routine workshop

  • week 3 - discipline workshop.


These workshops will be a 1:1 video call. During these 3 workshops, you can also use them as free coaching calls.  

Available for purchase right now.
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