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Haeley Mariah 

Coach, Speaker, Workshop Facilitator


My Philosophy:

What makes me different from other coaches?

  1. My Approach 

    • I use a holistic approach to offer a deeper understanding of what contributes to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health getting to the root cause of your limitations. When you think the only problem is needing to lose weight, I help my clients develop a stronger perspective that supports the healthy habits required to sustain the lifestyle of their dreams. The MPE holistic and self leadership approach is an awareness, a consciousness and an understanding of how all things work together and how you can recharge your own power to actively become the best version of yourself. 

  2. My Testimony 

    • Severe Depression was a close friend of mine for many years until one day I said enough is enough, how do I heal without pills? I have lived this MP experience and healed myself from taking blame over my brother's passing, from an environment that suppressed my emotions, from belittling coaches and jealous people that knocked me down when I tried to stand up. At the end of the day I have learned that my opinion of self is the only thing that matters, that's when I knew I needed a mental shift. I was tired of giving my power away, I was tired of living someone else’s truth and someone else's dream. So I did something about it and I’ve now helped over 150+ people find their own power.

  3. My System

    • I use wellness strategies, self-leadership principles, universal laws, insight from the bible and self-discovery practices to create a holistic growth experience and amplify the human experience

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  1. All begins in the mind

  2. If you want to sustain inner peace you must remain grateful daily

  3. Pain and suffering is an integral part of the human experience - honor this 

  4. Give value, give grace, give love 

  5. Everything happens for a reason 

  6. All that you do frequently becomes your frequency 

  7. Progression over perfection 

  8. You have to regress to progress 

  9. You embody your beliefs

  10. You are stronger than you think


Kwantlen Polytechnic University Undergrad Graduate: 

  • BA Criminology Degree

  • Background studies in Counselling Psychology

ACE Certified Personal Trainer 

Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach 

UDEMY Transformational Life Coach Certificate 

  • Accredited 10 total hours of completion



Honolulu Marathon 2019 Completion 

The Suicide Prevention Show Speaker 2020

Young Women In Business SFU Workshop Facilitator 2021

  • Health & Wellness​

Adidas Official Event Trainer 2022

  • Black History Month 5k Run​


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