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Inspiring confidence through movement

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The Mental + Physical Experience

By Haeley Mariah



The MPE strives to help people recreate their sense of hope and belief through the increased understanding of what contributes to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. We help our community build extreme confidence, healthy habits and amplified success. We believe that you already have the strength within you to be your very best, most successful and consistent self. Some guidance, accountability and extra support goes a long way!.

The MPE also strives to empower youth along their personal development journey through physical literacy, self-leadership and meditation.


Is more than just physical, it is MIND-BODY alignment.

The MPE uses a holistic approach to guide our clients to the root cause of their limitations so they can free their mind and amplify their success.

The MPE also uses a Self-Leadership Approach to help our clients take ownership and responsibility over how they want to think, feel and move to optimize their health and life. This approach simplifies the process of building healthy habits.

The experience is you actively becoming the best version of yourself. 

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