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Haeley Mariah!

Holistic Fitness - Mindset - Wellness

To be completely honest and raw, writing an “about me” in one paragraph is harder than I thought. Especially for someone who used to struggle with self-love, confidence, depression, lack of self-control, and overall mental strength. We are both stepping outside of our comfort zone here - this is where growth happens. If there is one things that I want you to take away the most from my website, it is that if you want to sustain inner peace, you must remain grateful daily. The fact that we are meeting here on my site is no coincidence, you are brave and a part of you knows that there is more to you than the current version of yourself. 


It's Story Time!

Tearing my ACL back in 2016 was my major turning point. I got to a point in my journey where I was feeling completely hopeless and lifeless. I knew if I wanted to heal and get back to my physical self, I would be forced to experience stillness and rest to recover my knee. During this recovery time I struggled with identity issues, lack of purpose, severe depression, lack of hope, and lack of confidence. As I started to heal my knee through return-to-sport physiotherapy I put myself through my own Personal Growth Program which was life-changing. This opened the doors to my self-discovery and began my wellness journey. With the help of a few counselling sessions, my mentors, studying counselling psychology and criminology to gain a better understanding of people and our minds, I realized that my negative mindset was limiting my growth. So shifting my mindset became the main focus of my healing alongside strengthening my knee. Mindful movement became a main part of my therapy, mindful movement sparked my purpose. 

Despite all this work that I was pouring into my personal growth my off days felt more frequent than my powerful days. All this work on my physical health, I still didn’t feel healthy and my blood pressure was still high. For as long as I could remember, I have had sensitive skin and eczema. This sparked my body image insecurities as well as feeling like my body looked “too boxy and muscly”. Having darker skin, my sore spots looked like dark spots. As my stress grew so did the scratching and my spots. I then learned that my approach to wellness needed to be more than just physical, that my journey required a holistic approach (focusing on my physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual needs) to really become the best version of myself inside and out. I learned that healing had a direct correlation to what I was consuming (my eating and my environment). To simplify things I realized that my health came down to a choice, show up for my healthy habits or show up for my toxic habits. My self-leadership learned from sports really showed up in my journey and empowered my decision throughout my intentional growth.

From loss & injuries
to Evolving & Thriving


Throughout my recovery, I started posting my journey on Instagram as a public journal, sharing my highs and lows. I soon realized that it was my calling to serve others and to help them find what I found, inner peace through movement. Never again did I want anyone else to feel the way that I felt; I knew I wanted to help people. I had to learn quickly that hitting rock bottom is an integral part of healing and growth and instead of trying to prevent my clients from reaching the bottom, I had to be honest and real and recharge them along their personal journey. 

I learned how to seek peace through pain so I could teach other people the same.


I founded The Mental & Physical Coaching Experience to recreate that sense of hope and self-belief in everyone that I work with through my various programs, challenges, boot camps and products. I designed a workout method that strengthens both the mind and the body. This MP Experience offers a deep understanding of what contributes to our physical, mental, emotional  and spiritual health. If you want to sustain inner peace, then you must remain grateful daily. I learned to trust God and to value the importance of THE PROCESS because understanding your experiences through the process is what creates mental and physical strength. 


If there is one thing that I would tell my younger self when I was at rock bottom is that “my thoughts and choices make my circumstances". I decided to devote the rest of my life to support, encourage, motivate and guide my clients out of their Mental Well and onto their journey towards becoming the best and most successful version of themselves. 


The hardest part is always starting, don’t feel like you have to do this alone. Fill out The  ALIGN PROGRAM REGISTRATION FORM or CONTACT ME, let’s get you started with the MP Experience. 

Let's Grow Together


-Coach Haeley Mariah
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