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A Holistic Fitness and Personal Growth Program

that empowers radical change in your way of thinking, moving and eating allowing you to transform into your healthiest self while learning to consciously show up as your best self daily.


JANUARY 26 - MAY 25 2023

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Feeling Lost And Alone In Your
 Fitness Journey? 
Get The Support You Need To Automate Healthy Habits And Build A Sustainable
Wellness Plan That Works
Uniquely For You!

Your Best Days Don’t Have To Be Behind You

Don’t stay stuck in the past. Learn the steps to reinvent yourself.

Finding a new purpose, a new goal, a new direction will give you back the spark that has always been inside of you.  Make fresh goals. Create new desires. Reignite your passion, your joy and your drive by remembering that who you are doesn’t come from the outside.


It’s inside of you.


Now is the time to challenge yourself mentally and physically. 


You need a guide and a community to help you show up daily and teach you how to hold yourself accountable consistently and intentionally.


Learn to eliminate anxiety and depression by regaining control over your negative self-talk. Find your inner peace by learning to stay in the present moment.


Surrounding yourself with the right people - the ones you can lean on for support, encouragement and the pursuit of common goals - can pull you from the pit of loneliness you have fallen into for too long.


Trusting and believing in yourself is the only way to get back up again.


Healing requires a holistic approach.


I know. Because I have been where you are.


You and I have something in common


After a devastating injury and the end of my athletic career in basketball combined with years of pent up grief over losing my brother to suicide back in 2007, depression became a familiar friend. I knew my self-sabotaging mindset was holding me back from my true success but I felt helpless to change it.


Without a coach, trainers and teammates to hold me accountable, I felt completely overwhelmed. I was confused as to who I was and what I wanted when it came to fitness.   


My self-esteem and self-worth plummeted. 


Caring for my body, mind and spirit took a backseat in my life. My body confidence, which was never really optimized, decreased dramatically.


I started to develop toxic habits that gave me instant gratification but meant I was confining my potential to a tiny box. 


I knew that the only way for me to feel better was to create healthier habits. Ones that would align me with my highest self. I needed to conquer my limiting beliefs and align my mind, body and soul in order to optimize my health and my success.  


With a stronger mindset, my entire lifestyle shifted, allowing me to consistently show up and create more peace and abundance in my present moments. I taught myself how to sustain high levels of self-esteem and body confidence.


I want to share what I know.

I'm Haeley,
your Holistic Fitness & Mindset Coach

As someone who used to struggle with self-love, depression, lack of self-control, and overall mental strength, I understand what you’re going through.


Stepping outside your comfort zone is where growth happens.  You are stronger than you think and you deserve to be truly happy - no matter what anyone else thinks.  Deep down there is a part of you that knows there is more to you than the current version of yourself. 

 A community of support together with a crystal clear path is your key to success 


You can keep looking into the past wishing for yesterdays. You can keep spending hours of your life scanning the internet, watching YouTube videos, reading books and joining gyms that you never go to…




You can learn to increase your self-esteem and body confidence so that your fitness goals become a reality. You are more than capable of creating a new identity, a healthier lifestyle and an unmistakable purpose while growing stronger mentally and physically.


By accessing a holistic health coach and learning the knowledge taught with the MP experience approach, you will optimize your health and build an unbreakable foundation and system for achieving total wellness.  


You aren’t just a body or a title. You are a spiritual being who requires a mind-body-soul-spirit solution.


My mission is to help you to stop feeling lost in your fitness journey and learn to automate healthier habits so you can sustain a balanced routine and feel good about yourself again.


I created ALIGN with you in mind. A 12-week group holistic fitness program designed to help you regain your

power and create the life you were meant to live.


This one-of-a-kind experience will provide you with the space, the knowledge, the freedom and the accountability to adopt, rediscover and sustain your inner peace and discipline so that you can soar to unthinkable heights.


Your greatness will never leave you.

What's Included?


  • 12 Weekly Group Zoom Check In Calls

    • Weekly live meditations

    • Weekly reflection + homework debrief 

    • Q&A 

    • Delivery of new homework focus 

  • 12 Weekly Journal Prompts

  • 12 Weekly Guided meditations

  • 12 Week Fitness Routine 

    • Weekly group mobility classes

    • Weekly virtual 3 days/week Full Body HIIT sets

    • At home or at the gym

    • Mindful Movement Techniques

  • 5 Mindset Module Workshops

    • Growth mindset techniques

  • 6 Week Meal Prep Challenge 

    • Mindful eating techniques 

  • Accountability workbook, journal, workshop pages

  • Holistic and Trauma Informed approach to wellness

  • Group Online Accountability & support

  • BONUS:

    • Free Alumni Accountability Community post program

    • 10% off Community Events 

  • 3 Monthly Themes:

    • Self Awareness

    • Self Discovery

    • Self Discipline




  • How to recreate your personal framework so you are always operating as your highest self 

  • 5 Healthy Habits to make everything stick and build accurate momentum in your fitness & wellness journey

  • Mindset, movement & eating techniques + strategies to overcome adversity

Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 10.01.03 AM.png


Get set up and organised

  • Opening breathwork 

  • Group contract

  • Commitment letters 

  • Create your own stress free fitness routine 

  • Schedule in group calls

  • Delivery of weekly homework


Weekly Check in & Group Discussion

  • Opening breathwork 

  • Group discussion on weekly topic 

  • Delivery of weekly homework


Brief Check ins / Deep Health & Goal Setting Workshop

  • Opening meditation & journal prompt 

  • Workshop activity

    • Learn the meaning of deep health and how it impacts the trajectory of your life 

    • Recreate your vision through a new lens and learn life changing goal setting techniques that nourishes your inner child

    • Learn & implement techniques that supports the Law of Self-Nurturing

  • Delivery of weekly homework 

  • Closing meditation


Brief Check ins / Stress Management & Inner Healing Workshop

  • Opening meditation & journal prompt 

  • Workshop activity 

    • Build self-awareness by reshaping your philosophy and psychology through imagination techniques​

    • Learn the importance of self-discovery through your personal framework while recreating a new framework that supports your new vision

    • Learn & implement techniques that supports the Law of Attraction and Law of Excitement

  • Delivery of weekly homework 

  • Closing meditation



Weekly Check in & Group Discussion

  • Opening breathwork 

  • Group discussion on weekly topic 

  • Delivery of weekly homework


Weekly Check in & Group Discussion

  • Opening breathwork 

  • Group discussion on weekly topic 

  • Delivery of weekly homework


Brief Check ins / Self Regulation & Meditation Workshop

  • Opening meditation & journal prompt 

  • Workshop activity 

    • Learn how to renew your mind by increasing your understanding and practice in spirituality​

    • Learn the mindset techniques to recreate empower courage in your fitness & wellness journey

    • Learn the strategies to mitigate your stress levels and nervous system to improve conscious decision making 

    • Learn & implement techniques that supports he Law of Mentalism, the Law of Intelligence, the Law of Vibration and the Law of Correspondence

  • Delivery of weekly homework 

  • Closing meditation


Brief Check ins / Self Leadership & Decision Making Workshop

  • Opening meditation & journal prompt 

  • Workshop activity 

    • Recreate a power house morning and night routine to improve sleep and reprogram your subconscious through mind-body development methods​

    • How well do you know yourself? build self leadership skills through self-discovery personality tests 

    • Boost your decision making skills by becoming intensely goal oriented

    • Learn & implement techniques that supports the Law of Cause & Effect, the Law of Visualization

  • Delivery of weekly homework 

  • Closing meditation



Weekly Check in & Group Discussion

  • Opening breathwork

  • Group discussion on weekly topic 

  • Delivery of weekly homework


Weekly Check in & Group Discussion

  • Opening breathwork 

  • Group discussion on weekly topic 

  • Delivery of weekly homework


Brief Check ins / Mindful Eating & Problem Solving Workshop

  • Opening meditation & journal prompt 

  • Workshop activity 

    • Learn the techniques for overcoming adversity through building self-belief and self0confidence by becoming solution oriented 

    • Enjoy a 6 week meal prep challenge to reduce food stress

    • Learn mindful eating techniques to help build a healthier relationship with food 

    • Learn & implement techniques that supports the Law of Rhythm and the Law of Discipline 

  • Delivery of weekly homework 

  • Closing meditation


Final Check in & Celebration

  • Opening breathwork 

  • Reflection discussion

  • Closing goal setting

Monthly Topics & workshops

Month 1 - Self Awareness

  • Workshop 1

    • Deep Health & Goal Setting Workshop

  • Workshop 2

    • Stress Management & Inner Healing Workshop

Month 2 - Self Discovery
  • Workshop 3

    • Self Regulation & Meditation Workshop

  • Workshop 4

    • Self Leadership & Decision Making Workshop

Month 3 - Self Discipline
  • Workshop 5

    • Mindful Eating & Problem Solving Workshop

  • Celebration Day

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What Clients Say

IMG-1806 (1).jpeg

Are you ready to invest in yourself?


The one-on-one, high-touch experience, group accountability and valuable resources provided in this program could cost you upwards of $17,000. 


I am all about giving back. I want to make life-changing opportunities available to more women.


To show how much I value my community you will also receive a 15% discount if you pay in full


Doors close on January 23 2023. Reserve your spot before it’s gone!


The holistic approach to achieving alignment of your mind, body, soul and spirit is at your fingertips. Reach out and grab it!

Here are your next steps

After you click on the “Join the Program” button this is what will happen: you will be redirected to the ALIGN registration form. Complete the form and you will receive an email to book your next step call. This is your chance to meet with Coach Haeley, get all your questions answered and get signed up into the group.


Program starts Winter 2023. You will receive reminder emails leading up to day 1. 


I understand you may have invested money into other training programs and have been disappointed with the results. This training is different.  


You will get answers to your specific questions so I know what’s going on in your world and can

tailor solutions just for you. 


Plus you get access to our Facebook community where you can receive the support and wisdom from people who are travelling the same road that you are.


I guarantee that you will leave this program feeling more confidence and empowered than ever before, developing new connections along the way. 


Pay in full for %15 OFF  or choose a payment plan 

Monthly - 3 payments of $330 

Bi-weekly - 6 payments of $165


Refer a friend and receive 20% off your payment plan total

  Investing in your health pays the most valuable interest  

Click "Join The Program" below, complete the registration form and discuss with Coach Haeley the best stress free financial plan that best suits you

Take charge of your fitness & wellness journey and regain your power today

  • I am shy and anxious. Will this program work for me if I am not that confident?
    This program is designed to serve all participants no matter their level of confidence or past athletic level. The ALIGN curriculum was specifically created to help you with techniques, tools and support no matter where you are on your fitness journey.
  • Can’t I just create a fitness program on my own?
    You can. But my guess is that you’re reading this for a reason. You’ve probably been struggling for a while to maintain a consistent and successful routine. And it's true that you could spend another few months reading books, watching Youtube videos, searching for a counsellor and digging into the research yourself. Or you can fast-track your results by spending the next 12 weeks with me and your fellow peers to learn the proven steps to creating a sustainable, consistent and successful wellness plan that will ignite your life.
  • I’m not sure I have the time.
    You’ve probably already wasted too many months feeling dissatisfied with your progress. Time spent beating yourself up for not sticking to your eating and fitness plans despite your good intentions. Making the time to build your self-worth, automate healthy habits and design a sustainable fitness routine created just for you is a sacrifice worth taking. Letting go of the chaos and confusion and having direct and clear steps towards your goals will save you time in the long run. This program will get you the results you are looking for fast.
  • I’ve taken workshops and coaching programs before and they didn’t work for me
    I understand your hesitancy in enrolling in yet another coaching program or workshop. You’ve trusted different coaches around the internet who’ve made big promises but didn’t deliver. I get it. My program isn’t about pipe dreams. My mission is to help you get results, period. I focus on delivery. You will receive live training calls, not lukewarm pre-recordings. You will work 1:1 with me in a setting that accelerates your learning and results through live calls, bonus Q&A sessions, and private group conversations. This isn’t fluff. I give you time-tested and proven methods to catapult you towards sustainable fitness goals.
  • What is holistic health?
    It is a consciousness, an awareness, and an understanding of how all things work together (mind, body, environment). By aligning your mind, body, soul, and spirit you are able to get to the root cause of all limitations and mental blocks holding you back from reaching and living your fullest potentiality.
  • What is holistic approach?
    It is an approach that encourages you to recognize your physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual needs. Treating the mind and body as one. Treating the humans and the environment as one unit.
  • What is mind-body connection?
    It is the harmonious relationship between your conscious mind and your physical health. Better known as your thoughts, thinking and beliefs impacting your daily movement and your eating habits.
  • What's the difference between highest self and lowest self?
    - The main difference is in your operating system. - When you are living as your lowest self you are operating from a system of ignorance and lack which leads you in the wrong direction How well do you know yourself and why you do and react to life the way you do? You don’t know what you don’t know - When you are living as your highest self you are operating from an intentional framework/ road map that encourages, rebalances your focus, and supports the direction you want to go Creating success through accurate principles, plans, and execution

Take charge of your fitness & Wellness journey and
regain your power today

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