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Consistency > perfection

I used to think being consistent meant being perfect

I was wrong.

I learned that:

  • Striving to be perfect slows you down.

  • Striving to be consistent keep the momentum rolling.

Easier said than done, I get that, it's just that accepting this realization has released so much unnecessary worry and stress and has allowed growing through my journey to be a more enlightening process.

When we strive to be consistent, it's super important to learn how to listen to your body.

As you learn how to listen to your body you become more aware to your needs and the signs that have be screaming at you keeping you frustrated.

The key to being consistent is really being in the present moment, embodying the habits that you know will keep you afloat and then making the decision to show up with as little as 10% effort each day building momentum in your journey.

Instead of throwing in the towel, meet yourself in the middle.

Listen, some days are harder than others and that's just a fact.

Do yourself justice, be intentional and show up even just a little bit today and you are saving yourself the guilt and shame down the road for not doing anything.

Who knows, that decision to move your body 10% today may turn into strength and energy you didn't realize you had leading you into a full workout or dance break that completely elevates your mood.


This helps make the not so good days better and the good days even better.

Lot's of love, YOU ARE WORTHY!💜

Drop a comment if you are also learning this lesson👇🏾

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